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hymeneal;wedding ceremony;wedding;nuptial 相关短语: 婚礼钟声Wedding Bells;The Wedding Bells Season;The Wedding Bell 中式婚礼Chinese marriage;Chinese marriage customs 结婚典礼蛋糕wedding cake

“出席毕业典礼我们必须早到” "We must arrive early to attend the graduation ceremony" “出席毕业典礼我们必须早到” "We must arrive early to attend the graduation ceremony"

I invite you to participate in the Ceremony as guests "

原句是这样的:Next Dr. Brock was asked if it was important to rewrite. Absolutely not, he said. "Let it all hang out," he told us, and whatever form the sentences take will reflect the writer at his most natural. 背景是有人强调...

开工典礼 翻译 commencement ceremony commencement是什么意思: n. 开始,发端;毕业典礼 Should we commence the attack? 我们是否应该开始攻击? Those who commence the attack are above. 那些打头阵的在上面。

1 Archbishop Bush: Because of the time press, I and the Merkel wet nurse also have the state affair in the body, hurries back the US and Germany separately, therefore the Holy Bible we did not read, you thank God in the moral n...

Thank you for your promise to be engaged to me and thank you for telling me the way I was trying to prepare for our engagement.

翻译如下 交接仪式 handover ceremony 例句; 许多中国人一个细节都不漏地观看了交接仪式。 Many Chinese people watched the handing over ceremony without missing a single detail.

对于中国人来说,婚礼是人一生中一个十分重要的大仪式 For Chinese, wedding is in life a very important ceremony 求采纳

Although there exist differences in celebration and the traditional custom, the wedding is remain the same meaning everywhere.

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