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訟佩脂撰 celebration of marriage hold a wedding ceremony 玉囂 下焚溺隅訟佩脂撰 President's daughter Jenna's wedding ceremony 訟佩脂撰議晩徨 wedding day 訟佩脂撰議椎爺 TAKE PLACE 犢慇鞘 1. 宸屎頁倖訟佩脂撰議挫晩徨咀緩縮銘...

1 Archbishop Bush: Because of the time press, I and the Merkel wet nurse also have the state affair in the body, hurries back the US and Germany separately, therefore the Holy Bible we did not read, you thank God in the moral n...

斤噐嶄忽繁栖傍,脂撰頁繁匯伏嶄匯倖噴蛍嶷勣議寄卩塀 For Chinese, wedding is in life a very important ceremony 箔寡追

Although there exist differences in celebration and the traditional custom, the wedding is remain the same meaning everywhere.



圻猟1 悟悟 廝斎低潤脂 ~~~~~云栖哘乎委悟悟議潤脂灸撰孚頭貧勧貧肇議´´訌墨襦´壓潤脂灸撰貧短嗤孚孚頭´´働疏議萩狩。胆洗議潤脂灸撰。掲械胆洗議仟弟#厘匆#觸畛藾 圻猟2 膠袋椛勤議悟悟潤脂灸撰椎爺議孚頭´´峪嗤仟袋焼糾砲宜念孚議徭田...

1痔軌議勺鯉厮将嫻欺噴翠熱1巷緒阻。 たまごのカ里碗札ロで10圷にノ呂欧拭 2厘厮将委潤脂卩塀議魁侭圓匡挫阻。 暴は潤脂筒其刧の魁侭をもう嚠埃しておいた。 3音挫吭房辛炉議頁厘厮将潤狛脂阻。 賦しUないですが、火廷ながら暴はもう潤脂...

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