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外汇管制 英文

外汇管制 [词典] [经] exchange control; foreign exchange control; [例句]一个国家可以通过进口关税、贸易限额、贸易禁运和外汇管制来限制国家贸易。 A nation can restrict trade through import tariffs, quotas and embargoes, and exchang...

外汇管制 [经]exchange control; foreign exchange control

foreign exchange is regulated in china; personal foreign exchange is under regulation of the chinese government.

As a result of foreign exchange control, we have to pay strictly in accordance with the invoiced amount.

exchange control 所谓外汇管制(Exchange Control),乃指一国货币当局对于外汇交易加以直接的控制,以达成国际收支均衡、汇率安定的外汇制度而言。在外汇管制制度下,不但汇率由政府决定,而且外汇的供给与需要,亦由政府加以管制。

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