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英文 祝福你 怎么说

Best wishes for you. 这个才对 要表达这个意思有很多说法的

Best wishes for you.

I bless you! 希望能帮到你,祝更上一层楼O(∩_∩)O

祝福你的英文翻译 基本释义 Bless you 祝福你的用法和样例: 例句 我祝福你,Lenore,并准备去参加你们的婚礼。I wish you all the best, Lenore and I am planning to come to the wedding. 请转告他,Celeste姑妈完全赞成这门婚事,并衷心地祝...

God bless you=God be with you.上帝祝福你或者上帝与你同在。 bless [bles] vt. 祝福;保佑;赞美 望采纳!! 谢谢

祝福你新年快乐 Wishing you a happy New Year 祝福你新年快乐 Wishing you a happy New Year

可以说:“My dude(或My good friend), I bless you.

may you have a good time! 简略,have a good time!

Prays for heavenly blessing you, dear.

我衷心祝福你生活开心,工作顺利 I sincerely wish you a happy life and work well.

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