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make it right等于什么?一个单词 make it right意思是;纠正错误,做对事情 make it right=correct correct: adj. 正确的;合适的;符合公认准则的;得体的 v. 改正;批改;指出错误

你好! make it right 使它正确

应该是make right吧, 意思是弄对;导正

歌曲名:Make It Right 歌手:Jonas Brothers 专辑:Jonas L.A. Jonas Brothers - Make It Right You say you'll know when you really find the one But it's hard to tell with the damage that's been done But id like to say that it's your f...

不是turn left和turn right吗? 英语课文就是这样的呀

We all make hundreds of decisions every day.Most are not taht important,but some can have a great effect on our lives.When we have a big decision to make,it is crucial to get it right.Therefore,we must learn how to be good deci...

歌曲名:You Make Me Feel Allright 歌手:George McCrae 专辑:Do Something jensin制作 To start it off I know you know me To come to think of it, it was only last week. That I had a dream about us, oh. That's why I am here, I'm writi...

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