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remind是及物动词,后面要跟宾语。 vt. 提醒;使想起 可以改成: Thanks for reminding me. / Thanks for your reminder.

看要怎么用了 kindly reminder 温馨提示 reminder在这里是名词 如果kindly remind,remind是动词 比如let me kindly remind you that ..... 让我好心提醒你一下.....

Thank you for your reminding.

kindly remind you to find the attachment. 温馨提示, 请查阅附件。 kindly remind you to pay more attention to our new products. ...... 一般在写商业函电时用得比较多。


Thanks for your reminding me. Thank you for reminding me.

remind是使想起,提醒。一般用作提醒。 The sight of the clock remind-ed me that I was late. 看到时钟使我想起我迟到了。 If my father forgets it, I hope you would remind him. 如果我爸爸忘了,我希望你能提醒他。 remember是记得,记起...

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