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表面简单,但是如果要译得原汁原味挺不简单的。 直译就是用你的脚趾站着,像是跳芭蕾的动作。 深入一层意思就是你要随时随刻准备好,要谨慎一点。因为你现在只用脚趾站着,如果有人推一下你你就会倒,所以你要随时都准备好,以防跌倒!

歌曲名:Stand On Your Feet 歌手:The Audition 专辑:The Audition The Audition - Stand on Your Feet This scent you left Oh, in my bed Is helping me forget Everything you said Ask yourself what's left When your heart goes dead 'Caus...


请把你的脚放到地面上来。 请站好。

stay on your toes 随时待命 ; Stay on your toes and be ready to respond if necessary. 留在你的脚趾头,并准备在必要时作出反应。

on your feet[英][ɔn jɔ: fi:t][美][ɑn jʊr fit] 站着; 恢复繁荣,走出低谷; 例句: It's nice to see you on your feet again.看到你康复真高兴。 I'm sorry I stamped on your foot.对不起,踩了你的脚。 Put on your wool sock...

Somethin' Bad 播放 歌手:Miranda Lambert Stand on the box stomp your feet start clappin got a real good feeling something bad about to happen ...

keep you on your toes. 让你在你的脚趾。 keep you on your toes. 让你在你的脚趾。


No need to care how high the sky is, however you will be closer to the sun when you stand on your toes. What is the matter that the ...

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