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i can read your mind 我能读懂你的心意 and i konw your story 我了解你的过去 i see what you're going through(yeah) 我看着你的历程 it's an uphill climb 那是不断地进取 and i'm feeling sorry 但是我非常抱歉 but i know it will come to...

歌曲名:That'S The Way It Is 歌手:Céline Dion 专辑:All The Way... A Decade Of Song Celine Dion - That's the Way It Is I can read your mind And I know your story I see what you're going through, yeah It's an uphill climb And I'm ...

那就是考古学所用的方法。it is with archaeology是定语从句,前面省略which/that。with archaeology 在定语从句中作方面状语,是“关于”的意思。

是对的。 IT IS是定语修饰THE WAY.

歌曲名:That's the Way It Is 歌手:lfo 专辑:life is good that's the way it is-LFO 送给兰州交大的Ryan,hey man, good luck!--paul C'mon I been up, I been down I been side to side, I been buried alive I been hurt, I been robbed but I...

是不是Booty Music。


Deepside - Booty Music 试听 下载

原本就是这样的。/ 生而如此。

that's almost the way it is 这几乎就是这样。

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