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海洋之灾 中英文台词对照: Prepare to be boarded 准备登船! Swab that poop deck! 刷船尾啦! Come 'ere, me beauty! 来吧,美人! Look what crawled out of the bung hole! 看看马桶里网到了什么? Nothing but a bilge rat! 只不过是只仓...

My son, 我的儿子 The day you were borned, 在你出生的那一天, The very forest of Lorderan whispered the name: 洛丹伦的森林都在轻呼你的名字: Arthas. 阿尔萨斯。 My child, 我的孩子啊, I watch with pride, as you grew into a weapon...

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